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Vintage Victorian Steampunk Apocalypse Ancient_Future_Wares/Wearable Assemblage™' [collectively called 'Steampunk Apocalypse™'] is a mixture of fashion, romance, fear, war and propaganda with an Industrial/Victorian Age backdrop.

This anachronistic clothing line combines the old with the new, and consists of items such as antique architectural hardware, brass wire, vintage ephemerae and embellishments, juxtaposed with aphotic imagery of gas masks, machine guns, grenades, missiles and other war paraphernalia.

Inspired by myriad ideologies, this line reflects the artist's love of vintage items and antiques, with a twist of more modern and dire imagery. This clothing line is an anachronism. It does not depict any one time in history. It is rather the inclusion of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Steampunk Apocalypse™ is about deconstruction and reconstruction, distressed images and surfaces, nomadic wanderings, tattered tulle, mesh, gauze, and ragged, asymmetrical hemlines. On a deeper level, it is also a statement of our modern day society and attitudes, "progression" and the fear instilled upon us by the media and other sources of influence. This is a clothing line with a conscience and message.. the perfect marriage of art, fashion, social commentary, and acquiescence vs. insubordination.

Embellishments are handmade and assembled. The artist's love of Daguerreotype, Ferrotype, and other methods of obsolete image making is clearly evident. Original artwork is produced on distressed glass and/or metal and is then affixed to jewelry, clothing, footwear, purses and other accessories, for a truly One-of-a-Kind wearable assemblage. 

In the artist's own words, this line is described as "An anachronaut's dream of 'City of Lost Children' and 'Beauty and the Beast' [TV Series], meet 'Mad Max' and 'Delicatessen' between the Industrial Age, Fin de Siecle and Post Modern society".

Artist_X, is the sole creator and designer of 'Vintage Victorian Steampunk Apocalypse Ancient_Future_Wares/Wearable Assemblage™' [a.k.a. 'Steampunk Apocalypse™'], and holds all rights to this wearable art clothing and accessories line, uses of said name and derivatives of this name.

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